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Asthma Review Questionnaire

Please would you answer the questions on the form below and submit it to us. It will be reviewed by a clinician who will also look at your notes. Then depending on the results will either suggest that you come in for a more detailed review or complete the review without you needing to come in.

If your symptoms are deteriorating or you have any concerns, please make an appointment with our nursing team.

Why are you doing this?

A lot of people with asthma struggle to find time to come to the surgery for an appointment especially if they feel that their asthma is fine. We hope that by completing this form people will reflect on their asthma at a time that suits them and without necessarily having to take time to come and see someone. We would encourage those who can to come in for a full review as it will include far more than this limited offer.

What if I prefer to see someone?

This is just an option and you will able to book an appointment with our nursing team if that is what you prefer.

I just had a review in the last few days so why am I getting a text?

Unfortunately there is a slight time delay with our text message service so it may be that since we set up the messages to be sent that you have had your review and then received a message. If that is the case please just ignore the message. If your review was more than 10 days before you receive a message please contact us so we can look into it as something has gone wrong.

Date published: 8th September, 2020
Date last updated: 8th September, 2020