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Taxi Medicals

Before making a request for a taxi medical please make sure you complete the following steps.

  • Obtain the TPH/204 Medical Declaration form from TfL.

There are two sets of measurements needed: a blood pressure reading (page 6), and an eye test (page 9).

  • You should see an optician for an eye test and filling in Page 9.
  • Use our SurgeryPod to do a  BP check. Please speak to reception to arrange. You must ensure that the BP measurement is recorded in your notes before you leave after using the SurgeryPod.


  • At the bottom of pages 5-12, there is a space to fill in Applicant/Driver’s name (BLOCK CAPITALS). You must then fill this in yourself.

Once you have done all of the above please hand in the form. You will need to pay in advance and the form will be passed to a GP to complete.

Date published: 27th January, 2022
Date last updated: 27th January, 2022