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ADHD Medication Requests

We are only able to provide  NHS prescribing of ADHD medication under the shared care agreement from an ADHD specialist.

If you have been accepted by the practice for shared care prescribing  we need to ensure that we monitor your Blood Pressure (BP), pulse and weight more often that for other people. This is to keep you safe.

ADHD medications are controlled drugs- this means that we are only able to prescribe a month at a time and that we will carefully monitor amounts for any signs of overuse.

Every 3 months we need you to provide a reading for your BP, pulse and current weight alongside your request for more ADHD medication. You are responsible for doing these checks in a timely fashion using our surgery POD. We will not prescribe if your checks are outstanding.

You can do this:

  • using the SurgeryPod in reception
  • using your own BP machine and scales
  • attending a pharmacy which has a BP machine (there may be a charge for this service)

In an ideal world you should have a specialist review annually but the ADHD services are very overstretched. You definitely need a specialist annual review if-

· Planning a pregnancy

· Overusing your medication- the practice would cease to prescribe until the review was done

· Wanting to plan reducing or stop your medication.

Please note that unlike many medications there are no clinical contraindications to stopping these medications and indeed gaps in prescribing can be beneficial

ADHD Patient Contract

We ask patients prescribed medication for ADHD to sign a simple contract to show their agreement to the terms above. A copy of the contract can be found here but we will send you a copy as part of the set up process for shared care.

Date published: 6th January, 2023
Date last updated: 3rd March, 2023