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Cervical Screening (Smear Tests)

We offer smear tests (cervical screening) at the practice in line with the national program

If you are due a smear test please organise an appointment with any of our nurses.

Ideally a smear test should be done mid cycle; about 2 weeks from the first day of your last period. This is to minimise chances of an ‘inadequate result’ and you needing to have the test repeated but if this is not possible then we encourage you to book an appointment anyway.

More info about smear tests and what happens can be found here: 

Inadequate Smears

Some times smear tests come back as ‘inadequate’ and the lab are unable to process the sample. This is usually because not enough cervical cells were taken to give an accurate assessment, or there may have been an infection (such as thrush) or mucous or blood which may be covering the sample taken from the cervix.

You can book your repeat test the same way as any other smear test but if you have an inadequate result then the test should be repeated in 3 months time as this allows the lining (epithelium) of the cervix to regenerate so there are enough cells to test. If the test is done too soon it will likely be inadequate again.

YouScreen – Self Sampling Cervical Screening

YouScreen is a research study and self-sampling has yet to be formally included in the NHS screening programme.

Therefore, YouScreen self-sampling kits are only being offered to women who meet certain study criteria. It is not possible to request a YouScreen self-sampling kit. In addition,  GP practices are unable to deal with requests from patients asking to find out if they are eligible.

If you are eligible for a self-sampling kit, you will automatically be offered a kit in one of 2 ways; either by post, or by your GP practice.