The Tredegar Practice

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Dr Hodkinson and Dr Farrelly began the Tredegar Practice in May 1991 as a jobshare. They had at the time 1 year old boy-girl twins and shared the parenting and the GP work. They were then singlehanded. They were originally based in the ground floor council flat at 110 Tredegar Road. It was two part time receptionists, paper notes only, and them. No nurse, no computer. And a limited phone system: when there was a call, the phones rang in every room.

Now Dr Hodkinson is one of 5 GPs following Dr Farrelly’s recent retirement, alongside 5 nursing team members and a strong reception and admin team serving 6000 plus patients.

Date published: 5th September, 2022
Date last updated: 5th September, 2022