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Move from askmyGP to Accurx Triage

Accurx Triage Patient Engagement Events

Wednesday 3rd August 17.00pm-18.30pm Drop In Session at Tredegar Practice

Tuesday 9th August 18.00-19.30pm Drop In Online Session – please email to receive a link. You do not need to attend the whole session

Saturday 13th August 10.30-12:00pm Drop In Session at Tredegar Practice

We switched to using askmyGP as our way for patients to access our services at the height of the COVID-19 Pandemic. This happened quickly by necessity but meant we did not engage with patients as much as we would like.

The response to askmyGP has been overwhelmingly positive from patients with 87%* of feedback respondents saying it was better or as good as the system before. However, we are aware that it doesn’t work for everyone and that there are things we need to work on which is where we need your help.

On 15th August 2022 we will be switching from askmyGP to Accurx Triage. This is a similar platform that works in a very similar way to askmyGP with several additional benefits:

  • it links to the NHS App so patients will have all of their online services in one place
  • all of the practices in our PCN will be using this system and so access to the new services like our First Contact Physio, Pharmacists and First Contact Mental Health Nurse will be improved
  • better integration with our clinical system which means it will be easier to see what is happening for patients and staff

We are running several engagement events so that we can hear from patients about what they like and what they think could be better about askmyGP so that we can ensure we keep the good things as we switch to Accurx Triage and work on improving the things that need it.




*87% of 462 patients who, over the last 12 months, responded to the feedback question ‘Overall, is the new system Better (65%, the Same (21%) or Worse (13%)’.

Date published: 30th July, 2022
Date last updated: 30th July, 2022