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Community Pharmacy Consultation Service – CPCS

The Community Pharmacy Consultation Service (CPCS) is a service that offers a consultation (either via phone or face to face) with a local pharmacist. The consultation would be within 24 hours of us referring you and so is the fastest way for you to get care.

This is not the same as just popping into the pharmacy and will involve a full consultation as you would expect at the practice. If the pharmacist feels that the issue needs to be addressed by a GP they will organise that with us. The pharmacist will not be able to do any prescriptions for you but may suggest over the counter items which might help. These sort of items are not usually prescribed on the NHS.

We will refer you to to your nominated chemist or if you don’t have a nominated chemist one of the other local pharmacies unless you say you don’t want us to refer you. If you have a preferred pharmacy please let us know and we can refer you there.

What CPCS can help with:

Acne, Spots and Pimples                                                     Allergic Reaction                                                       Ankle or Foot: Pain or Swelling

Arm: Pain or Swelling                                                           Athlete’s Foot                                                           Bites or Stings: Insect or spider

Blisters                                                                                   Cold or Flu                                                                 Constipation

Cough                                                                                     Diarrhea                                                                     Ear Discharge or Ear Wax

Earache                                                                                   Eye: painful                                                                Eye: Red or Irritable

Eye: sticky or Watery                                                           Eye: Visual Loss or Disturbance                             Eyelid Problems (styes)

Failed Contraception (morning after pill)                        Hair Loss                                                                    Head Lice

Headache                                                                               Hearing Problems or Blocked Ear               Hip, thigh, Buttock: Pain or Swelling

Itch                                                                                          Knee or Lower Leg: Pain or Swelling                      Limb: cold or colour change

Lower Back Pain                                                                    Lower Limb Pain or Swelling                             Mouth ulcers

Nasal Congestion                                                                  Pain and/or Frequency Passing urine                    Rectal Pain, Swelling, Lump or Itch

Scabies                                                                                   Shoulder Pain                                                            Skin, Rash

Sleep Difficulties                                                                   Sore Throat and Hoarse Voice                                Tattoos, Birthmarks or Moles

Tiredness (fatigue)                                                                Toe Pain or Swelling                                                 Vomiting

Wound problems                                                                  Wrist, Hand or Finger Pain or Swelling


Date published: 1st September, 2022
Date last updated: 5th September, 2022