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Diabetes Type 2

Type 2 diabetes is a common condition that causes the level of sugar (glucose) in the blood to become too high.

Further information Type 2 diabetes – NHS (

Ongoing Care

Annual Review

Once a year you should have an annual review made up of 2 parts:

Part A: this will be all of the physical checks you need regularly including a blood test, measuring your BP, height and weight, checking your feet as well as asking some questions about your lifestyle and general health.

We will then provide you with the results ahead of Part B.

Part B: this is your Care Planning appointment where we will review what is important to you thinking about your results and discuss any changes you want to make.

Interim Review

You should also have an interim review 6 months after your annual review to make sure everything is going ok. You will have a blood test followed by an appointment to review how things are going. We may ask you to have an interim review sooner than 6 months.

How to book

Please call and book via reception.. We also have Angela, an administrator, who reminds patients when they are due for checks and can help if you have any questions about this process.

New Diagnosis

If you are newly diagnosed with Diabetes you will have a review to set up any medication, have a discussion of what this means and we will start your ongoing care by setting a date for your annual review and referring you for your first eye screening appointment.

New to Tredegar Practice

When a patient joins the practice we should get their records via GP2GP. When this happens the patient record is reviewed by our team and we aim to set up their medication and ongoing care without repeating what has happened elsewhere. We then contact you to update you. This can take a few weeks from registration.

If you need help urgently or haven’t heard from us 3 weeks after registering please do contact us.

Retinal Eye Screening

You should have your eyes checked every year. If you haven’t received your invite please phone the Diabetic Eye Screening Service on 020 8510 5911 or email them on

Further information: Diabetes eye screening | Homerton University Hospital Foundation Trust

Further Support

Diabetes UK – Know diabetes. Fight diabetes. | Diabetes UK

Lifestyle Support from the Practice


Date published: 1st April, 2021
Date last updated: 1st April, 2021