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HRT Prescriptions

Ongoing Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) Prescriptions

Before we can provide more of your HRT we need to check a few things: this normally happens once a year and involves a blood pressure check and a few safety questions. If you are happy with your HRT and there are no issues raised by your answers we should just be able to give you another prescription for 1 year (made up of 2x 6 month batches) without an appointment with a GP or nurse.

Please come into reception to use our SurgeryPod to check your blood pressure and answer a few questions. Please use the ‘Pill Check’ questionnaire on the surgerypod as the same safety questions apply to that medication. These will be passed on and a prescription will be ready in 24 working hours. The prescription can be sent straight to your chemist if you like.

Date published: 6th January, 2023
Date last updated: 3rd February, 2023