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Requesting Medication

How to request medication

You can request your current prescribed medication

For any new medication, old/past medication or changes you want to discuss please send your request via Accurx so that we can arrange a time to speak to a clinician if needed.

Some medication requires additional monitoring but not necessarily an appointment with a clinician – please see the links below for more information.

What must be included in your request

For all requests please include:

If the above information isn’t included then the request will be rejected until you provide the required information.

When to request your medication

Requests made too early (more than 1 week before they are due) will be rejected unless you tell us any mitigating circumstances as above.

Please allow 24 working hours for prescription requests to be processed.


Contraceptive Pill Check

Contraceptive Pill New – if you have not had the contraceptive pill before please message us via Accurx Triage and we will discuss this with you. Ongoing Contraceptive Pill Prescriptions ... [continue] Contraceptive Pill Check

HRT Prescriptions

Ongoing Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) Prescriptions Before we can provide more of your HRT we need to check a few things: this normally happens once a year and involves a ... [continue] HRT Prescriptions

ADHD Medication Requests

We are only able to provide  NHS prescribing of ADHD medication under the shared care agreement from an ADHD specialist. If you have been accepted by the practice for shared ... [continue] ADHD Medication Requests

Hospital Prescriptions

New medication on Discharge from Hospital If you were admitted to hospital and were discharged on new medication then the hospital must provide you with 2 weeks supply to allow ... [continue] Hospital Prescriptions

Travel Medication

More information about medication whilst travelling please see our Travel Clinic page. It includes information about: General Repeat Prescriptions Whilst Travelling Prescriptions for Flying Phobia or Anxiety Prescriptions for Jet ... [continue] Travel Medication

Hay Fever Medication

The NHS no longer routinely prescribes hay fever medication for patients when there are cheap, less than the cost of a prescription, options available directly from a pharmacy. This now ... [continue] Hay Fever Medication

Date published: 8th October, 2014
Date last updated: 3rd February, 2023